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Aisling Awards 2024

The Aisling Award will be presented to the highest placing dancer from Asia, Continental Europe, Mexico, Nordic Countries, South Africa or South America.

This award is reintroducing the concept of the Overseas Award that was previously presented to dancers from countries outside of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The word "Aisling" means to dream; and our dream is that it will inspure these dancers towards excellence in Irish dance.

The Aisling Award is presented by the Marie Duffy Foundation

10 Dancers qualified for World Championships Glasgow 2024

Adjudicators Gemma Carney ADCRG and Judy McCafferty SDCRG selected a group of 10 dancers to represent South America at the upcoming Irish Dance World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

Congratulations to all qualified dancers and schools!




visit for more information about the Irish Dance World Championships!

South American Oireachtas 2023 Results

4th South American Oireachtas Chile - Results
4th South American Oireachtas Results .p
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ESDI Santiago Open Feis 2023 Results

ESDI Open Feis 2023 Results
Open Feis results.pdf
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ESDI 2023 - South American Oireachtas 2023

ESDI 2024 (Encuentro Sudamericano de Danzas Irlandesas) took place in Santiago de Chile last October 2023. It will comprise of an Open platform Feis, an inclusive multi-cultural Showcase, CLRG Grade exams, a Grand Céilí, Workshops and our Irish Dance World Championships qualifier: the South American Oireachtas.

Dancers from Chile, Argentina and Brasil will gather to celebrate, learn, and experience all things Irish during the Halloween weekend bank holiday. You can find the syllabus below.

Syllabus ESDI Open Feis + Oireachtas 2023
Syllabi ESDI 2023.pdf
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1st TCRG in Colombia

 Daniela Sandoval has just been informed she has passed her TCRG exam! Huge congratulations and a very warm welcome to SAIDA, as our representative in Colombia. Click here if you want to know more about Daniela.

Banana Broadway School of Irish Dance: Runner-up at the World Irish Dance Championships 2017!

Banana Broadway School of Irish Dance have won 2nd place at the Mixed Figure Dancing category at the Irish Dance World Championships that took place in Dublin in early April 2017.

As undisputed champions of the audience, their originality and never-before-seen twist on figure dance costumes haunted the crowd to the point of euphoria, clapping mid-way through the competition and cheering out of sheer admiration and joy.

Massive congratulations to Banana Broadway for their achievement and for having made us all in South America proud.


Check out a short clip of the award ceremony below!


Banana Broadway School of Irish Dance going to the Irish Dance World Championships in Dublin

 In April 2017 the professional group of Irish dance will be in Dublin to compete in the 47th edition of World Irish Dancing Championships: the largest Irish dance championship of the world! Under the direction of Fernanda Faez TCRG of Banana Broadway, the company will integrate the "Celtic Brazil" Brazilian National Team in this historic moment for Irish dance in Brazil and South America!

Like the page of the Brazilian National Team to stay tuned!

Festival Celta Brasil 2017

2017's edition of Festival Celta Brasil will take place in Sao Paulo from 1st to the 5th of June of 2017! It will comprise of the usual Showcase, Grade Exams and Feis.

Stay tuned for more news... there's a big surprise for this year's Feis!

1st South American Championship

"Oireachtas Rince An Meiriceá Theas - South American Championship" is the annual South American official championship promoted by SAIDA. It will be held for the 1st time in Brasil in 2017 and will rotate between the rest of the SAIDA affiliated countries (Chile and Argentina) in the following years.


Participation will be restricted to open level dancers from TCRGs who reside within the region of South America and are registered with CLRG and SAIDA.


The South American Championships will grant the winners the title of "South American Irish Dance Champion" for the course of one year and is the highest recognition an Irish Dancer can get in the Continent.


Oireachtas Rince An Meiriceá Theas won't yet be a CLRG World Championships qualifier competition but the highest regional award for excellence in the performance of this art form.

ESDI 2017 - Santiago de Chile

Encuentro Sudamericano de Danzas Irlandesas (Gathering of Southamerican Irish Dancers) will take place in Santiago de Chile and will be organized by Sandra Claren TCRG. It'll take place from September 29th to October 2nd and will offer Grade Exams, the ESDI Feis, Workshops and a fantastic Showcase featuring the greatest and most prominent Irish Dance Schools in South America! Stay tuned for more details!